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Our Story

The boots of virtually every country singer who is or ever wanted to be a star ambled across the dusty floor of North Hollywood's Palomino Club.    In its 40-year history, The Palomino stands as perhaps second only to Nashville's Grand Ole Opry House in its structure as a music showcase.

About Me

I'm Gary Thomas, the son of Tommy Thomas.  Not only was I practically raised in the legendary Palomino Club, but I also had the privilege of having Tommy Thomas as my father.  As a young boy, he taught me the values of hard work, fun, and dedication.  When I was ten years hold he bought me my first business which involved selling popcorn at the Palomino Club.  That inspired me to become an entrepreneur myself with my beautiful wife, Jennfer.  My mission now is to tell the TRUE story and share the incredible experiences of the Palomino Club.

Meet the Team

Meet the Thomas family.

Gary Head Shot

Gary Thomas

Entrepreneur / Business Evangelist

Sherry Thomas Square

Sherry Thomas

Wife of Tommy Thomas

Whereabouts unknown.

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Jennifer Thomas


Relive the Palomino...

Tommy Thomas loved the Palomino.  It was his true love, next to his family and friends.  Check out our authentic merchandise and feel free to pick some authentic swag.